Linear Draft is a 3D & BIM Overhead Line Electrification (OLE) design package. Making production of BIM models, 3D models, 2D schematic layouts and cross sections a breeze! It's compatible with popular computer-aided design packages: Bentley Systems® Microstation V8i™, Connect Edition™ and AutoDesk® AutoCAD 2018™. 

Linear Draft is a platform, it's not stuck to any particular set of OLE equipment.  It can design with ANY design catalogue, design range, system design, equipment range or steelwork specification.


Core FEatures

Linear Draft is a comprehensive OLE designer, see how each of the core features can help you and your team be 50% more efficient at delivering 2D, BIM and 3D OLE designs.

See how you can up-skill your existing workforce, by adding 3D and BIM capabilities out-of-the-box!


Want to take automation that little bit further? To complement Linear Draft we have a number of add-on modules that will augment your design work flow even more! 

Step up your automation with analysis, simulation and automatic elevation production!