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Overhead Line Design Software OLE OCS

BIM Overhead Line Design Software.

Automated, assured and trusted BIM 3D design software
for rail electrification.

Trusted by the industry.

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Revolutionise your workflow. Reduce costs. 


Parametric Design.

Lineardraft's parametric design engine allows you to switch between 2D & 3D on-the-fly. Speed up your workflow, reduce work effort and eliminate error.


Microstation & AutoCAD.

Enjoy the freedom of picking your own CAD platform whilst still retaining 100% compliant and compatible designs.


Data-rich Assets.

Lineardraft automatically creates and updates asset data with every click. Connect, integrate and collaborate across disciplines and teams. 


Any Design Range.

Lineardraft is like a games console, and our 3D BIM catalogues are the games. Use any OCS, OLE or LRT range of components.


Automate Change.

Use Lineardraft's powerful automation toolset to make complex change in seconds. Free up engineers to focus on the complex & critical, not the simple.


Customise Outputs.

Generate layout drawings, Bill of Materials and rich reports. Utilise configurable Project Settings to completely customise your outputs! 

Don't just take our word for it.


A truly revolutionary tool that complements engineering excellence.


BIM Manager - Systra

Lineardraft has enabled us to fully embrace the digital engineering principals associated with a BIM level 2 project.  Fear of change is one of the main limiting factors in adopting a new approach to design, and Lineardraft has allowed our engineers to become comfortable working in a 3D environment. As we have structured our design production in a BS1192 compliant CDE, Lineardraft has enabled us to manage a compliant workflow, and to introduce automated assurance and efficiency in client deliverables. 


It would be foolish to consider Lineardraft a simple 3D drafting tool, it is in fact a customisable application that inspires collaboration, allows easy configuration of levels of graphical and model information and brings

high levels of automated assurance. A truly revolutionary tool that complements engineering excellence.  


Case Study - HS2.


SNCF's V360 high-speed system is available as a Lineardraft 3D BIM catalogue...and the 3D reference design for HS2 in the UK was built using it.

Start your Lineardraft journey, today.

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