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Simple Pricing.

Fixed prices fully inclusive of training, support, updates and improvements.

Packages for every team.


Unlike our competitors, whichever package you choose, our services remain the same. Every single one of our packages, includes full user training and expert support, all updates, new features and improvements.

We are always improving our BIM catalogues and always creating new ones.  We have an in-house dedicated expert engineering team, and as part of the package you get access to work with our team to build the newest and most advanced BIM 3D system design catalogues in the world!


We know your projects change, so you need the flexibility of a software package that can move with you. Lineardraft packages come with free lifetime user transfers, inclusive and we'll even train every one of them for nothing extra!

To find out more, drop us an email at [email protected] or Request a Demo

If you would like to discuss packages for a bespoke number of users not covered in the calculator above, packages for 20+ users, or learn more about our cost per licence discount scheme, drop us an email at [email protected] or Request a Demo

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