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Case Study - HS2

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Lineardraft was utilised in the creation of the 3D OCS design model between the terminal stations of London Euston and Birmingham Curzon Street and to the Interface point with Network Rail at Handsacre Junction on the West Coast Main Line. SNCF Réseau, in conjunction with its subcontractors, worked to produce the OCS reference design for HS2 Phase 1 and 2a, between November 2017 and March 2019. This Reference design was developed to utilise a new and novel OCS design range capable of operating speeds of 360kph.

The tight design programme required the client to produce the design for the element components in parallel to the production of the OCS Reference design. Lineardraft enabled this design production method by allowing the designers to begin the design with a minimal Level of Detail in the element components. As the design of the element components developed, the adaptability of Lineardraft enabled SNCF Réseau to replace each element component with items produced to a higher Level of Detail as they became available, without affecting design production, using a simple model rebuild function within the software.

The inherent functionality of Lineardraft enabled SNCF Réseau to complete the 3D OCS design models for Phase 1 and 2a in under 18 months. The entire route is approximately 500 Single Track Kilometres (STK) of OCS. Over the course of the design period, the capabilities of Lineardraft enabled SNCF Réseau to consume multiple revisions of input data received from their client, without requiring wholesale redesign of the OLE design model.

Project Objectives

  • Produce reference design Overhead Catenary System (OCS) for Phases 1 and 2a.

  • Creation of a high-quality digital asset model which provides a comprehensive source of data and information for subsequent design and reference throughout the life cycle of the physical assets.

Quick Facts

  • The Client, as part of their commission, provided an entirely new equipment range suitable for the proposed high-speed line.

  • Equipment range developed in parallel with the OCS design model.

  • 3D BIM catalogue created in parallel with the equipment range and design model.

  • Emergent OCS design items fed into the design model with no loss of production.




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