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Powerful Reporting.

Generate custom material & engineering reports.

Increase assurance with a single source of truth.

Linear Draft isn't just a 2D & 3D OCS design tool, it's a comprehensive building information modelling (BIM) platform.  Creating OCS design models is effortless and quick in Linear Draft, so quick one would be forgiven for missing all the comprehensive, intricate and exhaustive data modelling going on in the background. This keeps everything up-to-date and gives the assurance that changes to the graphical model are reflected in the BIM data model behind.

A whole plethora of information is embedded into a design model, associated with each component part of each models, and all available to export and report on in an instant. This is very convenient, but moreover it represents a giant step forward in the idea of a single source of truth for OCS design.  Each model represents the entire expression of an OCS design - a BIM level 2 design.

Reporting isn't just a fixed function in Linear Draft, it's dynamic and it's completely customisable.  Simply drop a custom report template into the appropriate watch folder and immediately start extracting information from models.  The customisation isn't just limited to the amounts, formats and types of data, it also extends to the reports' looks and presentation.

The reporting customisation functionality is driven by Microsoft™ Power Query Editor™ so anyone can create custom report templates.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0oAWlorTRvY