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Open exchange format.

Integrate, interface and inter-operate with anyone.

Create interfaces that work for you.

Linear Draft introduces a revolutionary concept, an open exchange file format for moving, manipulating and interfacing your OCS design data with any system!

The .ld file format is an open and unencrypted form of the industry standard JSON format; a lightweight data-interchange format that's easy for humans to read and write.

There are no limits to the way the .ld format can be consumed.  For example, some customers export their OCS design models into .ld format, open it in Excel, make engineering changes, then re-import the .ld model back into Linear Draft; they can  make wide ranging sweeping changes easily and quickly!

Other customers use the .ld format to combine and split large route wide models with ease.  Some use the detailed allocation outputs and feed those directly into their procurement systems.  In most cases customers recognise the lightweight nature of the .ld format and use it as a way to back-up their design models.

The format was actually borne out of the need to easily migrate large OCS design models between Microstation™ and AutoCAD™ from different project office across the world.  Sending bloated CAD models in DGN or DWG and relying on clunky conversion tools to change the model between formats, wasn't easy.  The .ld format changed all that.  5km+ OCS design models can be saved to file sizes of 100kb, then shared with teams using either CAD package.  A simple import into Linear Draft regenerates the entire OCS design model in the native CAD format.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Djhl48O-G8A