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Comprehensive, transformative and revolutionary design features.

See tangible business impacts with features that solve problems.

Linear Draft isn't just a CAD OCS modelling application, it's much, much more. Each feature has been designed with a very special and specific goal in mind: reduce cost and save time.  The knock on effects of that lean methodology extend beyond that original goal.  By reducing iterative, time consuming, repeatable design tasks, Linear Draft opens up opportunities to do more, to produce deliverables that are consistent and reliable, and produce designs that attract a very high level of assurance.


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Cross Platform Compatible

Work seamlessly with either AutoCAD™ and MicroStation™.  

Up-skill your existing workforce and revolutionise your design outputs. Deliver designs in industry standard formats.


Powerful Reporting

Generate comprehensive custom engineering and material reports.  Drive the reports from Microsoft™ Excel Power Query Editor™ and the well known ODC data exchange format.


Parametric Design

Create instantaneous parametric 2D & 3D models, with an immersive and interactive modelling environment and dramatically reduce the time and cost of design.


BIM Level 2 & 3

Passively create asset information directly inside the model and connect to third-party centralised data-stores.


Custom Configurations

Completely customiseable project settings mean every output is compliant and consistent. 


Open Exchange Format

Use the Linear Draft .ld file format to exchange data between applications, procurement, asset and planning systems.


Design Automation

Produce models for concept through to construction phases.  Design kilometres of OCS in a matter of minutes.


Construction Drawings

Generate schematic layouts and elevation drawings for construction, which automatically update when the model changes.


Share Models Easily

All parametric and design data is stored within the DGN or DWG file, move and share models easily using industry standard eDMSs.

Any Design Range

Design with any OCS catalogue.  Use multiple catalogues to design interfaces between equipment and routes.


Asset Management

Connect Linear Draft to a third-party asset system. Push and pull asset information between the model and a data-store.


No special viewer required

Interrogate and consume models without needing Linear Draft. Open as any other model with Microstation or AutoCAD