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Construction drawings.

Dynamic and concurrent deliverables.

Consistent and compliant construction drawings.

Client CAD and presentation standards vary wildly across projects, regions and countries. Linear Draft is flexible and configurable to cope with any standard.  Linear Draft's customisation functionality means that the construction drawings created are always consistent and compliant.

Linear Draft is designed to make the transition from traditional manual OCS design across to 3D BIM design really easy, and produces the same outputs as a traditional method of design.


Each time a structure, wire or component is created or updated, so is the 3D model, and the 2D schematic, and the elevation (cross section) view.  Furthermore, if you extract the schematic view or elevation views into separate live referenced documents (sheets-spaces in Microstation™ or sheet views in AutoCAD™) then as you make changes to your design in Linear Draft the construction elements update automatically too!

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