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Cross Platform Compatibility.

Use the CAD package you're familiar with.

Transform your existing resource.

In a world where we hear horror stories about IT infrastructure changes and new sweeping software changes that bring businesses to their knees, there needs to be a fresh approach!  Bring Linear Draft to your existing project offices, teams and individuals in their native environment.

Realise the potential of Linear Draft to transform your team's capacity and outputs without the high costs of switching CAD platforms and paying for expensive re-training.

Linear Draft is compatible with Bentley™ Microstation V8i™ and Connect™ Editions together with AutoDesk™ AutoCAD™.  Furthermore, Linear Draft's user interface doesn't change, irrespective of the package you choose.

Lastly, if some of your team use AutoCAD™ and some use Microstation™ then use our open source exchange format.  Models can easily be moved between Microstation™ and AutoCAD™ formats with zero effort.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/0-zvOVreD9g