Core Features Overview

Linear Draft's flexible approach to OLE design enables users of all backgrounds - whether it be draftspeople, engineers, or anyone in between - to deliver detailed 3D BIM OLE models within hours.


PRECISE and comprehensive 3d component modelling

3D isometric view of a twin track structure with cantilevers. The model shows the support, gantry, foundation, SPS, brackets, drop tubes, cantilevers, catenary & auxiliary wires and tracks.  The detail provided is precise to the manufacturers designs, and the accuracy of the modelling helps your team to design directly for construction, gaining a better view, earlier in the design life cycle of exactly what will be built.


Live Previewing

Whenever a structure or piece of equipment is built or edited, the user has a live preview of exactly what their finished build will look like.  The live preview functionality is central to the spacial and inntuitive way Linear Draft helps your engineers design OLE.


2d schematics

Most OLE construction projects require a 2D schematic layout or plan. This 2D layout, including symbology and annotations, is produced automatically when you create your 3D structures and wires. It can be completely configured to your client's requirements and will produce consistent outputs time and time again.  Make a change to your design and the 2D layout is updated automatically, removing any consistency and concurrency errors.


BIM Asset data and detailed user feedback

The user is able to extract a great detail of information from a model. Individual asset data is produced along with each component that is built.  You need not worry about 'doing BIM' Linear Draft handles all the tagging and asset creation for you.


cross sectional views

On top of the 3D model, BIM asset data and 2D layout,  Linear Draft also produces a live cross sectional or elevation view. Vital for later GRIP stages, whether it be allocation design or clash detection.  You can even have Linear Draft dimension and annotate these sections with our add-on module Linear Elevation!


Exportable reporting

Linear Draft makes reporting and exporting data so simple.  The user is able to export reports directly from their 3D model.   The reports are driven by simple templates, that the user can edit. Giving the user the capability to produce; bill of quantities, dropper schedules, and more in a matter of seconds.