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BIM level 2 & beyond.

Achieving the unexpected with no effort.

Automatic embedded asset data.

A recent challenge that faced rail engineering, at least in the UK, was that infamous mandate for 2016, that every government infrastructure project should be achieving and adhering to BIM level 2 for construction deliverables.  The pursuit of BIM, to whatever level, is either current or future requirement of every OCS designer worldwide.  Linear Draft enables OCS designers to focus on engineering design, with rich asset data being created automatically and seamlessly in the background.


It really is simple.  Use Linear Draft to design OCS and forget about BIM.  Be confident that the simple act of using Linear Draft augments and upgrades your existing workflows and work-streams to achieve BIM level 2. Additionally, all the asset data, engineering data and materials data created is exportable and reportable - take a look at our reporting functionality.


Linear Draft is great at taking BIM even further.  In addition to the data stored in the model Linear Draft can be interfaced with third-party asset systems and is currently being used to do just that, on the newest high speed railway projects in the UK.  

Automatic embedding of asset data coupled with third-party asset system integration, will bring your OCS project closer to realising BIM level 3 and beyond.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lwK0ffbexvY