Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Linear Draft’s catalogues have integrated asset data which is automatically applied to each and every component in your model.  The user need not worry or even concern themselves with adding the right level of asset information, Linear Draft applies the correct data.


Data REPorts

BIM is about the exchange and transfer of data.  Linear Draft makes that really easy.  Create your own configurable templates for any kind of report, in any type of presentation format.  Produce Bills of Quantities, dropper schedules, structure reports and foundation location reports.  Produce any report you need.


embedded metadata

Each structure, each wire, each part, each component created by Linear Draft is an asset.  Each with it's own embedded meta data.  All data is viewable without Linear Draft and is compatible with Microstation and AutoCAD standards.  The asset data also follows the NBS (National Building Specification) object standard.


Multi Format & Cross Platform

Not only can you create a wealth of reports directly from Linear Draft, but the model and asset data is also exportable using industry standards such as IFC, DWG and even our new LD format.  With the new LD format a user can migrate a model from Microstation to AutoCAD in less than 60 seconds.  The file format is also 100x smaller than a normal 3D model.