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Asset Management.

Interface OCS design with asset management systems.

Integrated and interoperable asset data. 

Linear Draft already takes much of the hard work out of adhering to BIM level 2 standards, and interfacing Linear Draft with third-party asset management systems brings us into the realms of BIM level 3 with integrated and interoperable data.

Asset management is a difficult concept, and by that we mean that the variations of granularity, specificity and implementation range widely across projects and countries and what one team refers to as asset management is far from what another might deem the same.  In a lot of cases vertical infrastructure (buildings etc.) is ahead of linear infrastructure (rail, roads etc.) in their maturity and approach to this topic.  But surely there's a solution?

Linear Draft is unique in the industry, and the only software known to us, to challenge the ideal that we absolutely need a fixed and standardised approach to asset management. We believe the data Linear Draft creates and the design data that organically grows as the design progresses, is useful at whatever level of maturity.

Therefore, whatever your project level of detail, definition or maturity, you can be sure that Linear Draft is completely configurable for any third-party data store.  Exchange data with any XML, JSON, ODBC, SQL or proprietary API exposed systems.

Linear Draft is configurable for any data system, yes the data mappings, hierarchies, groupings and schemas will be different, but using our open exchange file format together with the Linear Draft Asset API™ makes any connection to any system a breeze.